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This course especially for UU religious educators is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge about sexuality that is critical for religious professionals. The course begins with personal reflection on one’s sexual values and history. Students then examine the concept of sexual health and how it applies to religious professionals and faith communities, including how to handle boundaries and attractions in ministry. Students will develop skills including, creating sexually healthy classrooms, providing sexuality education, pastoral care, public witness, and creating sexually safer congregations.

By the end of this course, students will

  • Articulate their sexual values and history and note implications for their work as religious educators
  • Know basic facts about sexuality and sexual health
  • Identify the characteristics of a sexually healthy faith community and religious professional
  • Identify policies on sexuality issues
  • Develop skills and resources for congregational ministry about sexuality issues

This course is self-directed and contains both interactive and individual components. It is designed so that you may work largely at your own pace, although there are several required chats and phone calls, and modules open on a set schedule to encourage you to work on the course for 3 to 5 hours each week.

You won’t receive feedback on your journal reflections, and facilitator participation in discussion forums will be limited. It is suggested that you compose your journal reflections in Word and copy and paste them into the course software. This will allow you to save them and reflect on your growth throughout the course.

The course is set up to provide excellent content and the opportunity for students to learn from one another and from the readings, lectures, and exercises. Each student will determine their own level of engagement with the material.

If a Certificate of Completion is earned, the Sexuality Issues online course can be included as a continuing education learning experience for UU REs at any level, and fulfills the Sexual Health competency at the Masters and Credentialed level.