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The second in our suite of Leadership Development Trainings, Centered Leadership Part 2: Leading in Systems is designed for people who are brand-new to leadership or have been a leader for decades.  This training is ideal for your leadership team to develop a common language and enable you to lead toward health and vitality.

We will explore:

  • dynamics of the interconnection of human relationships in congregations
  • how congregations can develop ways of developing the collective creative and emotional intelligence of the members as a system
  • how your own sense of purpose and your centered presence can have a positive impact
  • how a shared sense of purpose and  group emotional intelligence can unleash creative synergy
  • how to reflect on your own spiritual center
  • how to develop some intercultural agility.

Training materials are divided into modules, available “on demand” as pre-recorded presentations with additional reading materials, discussion questions and other resources. The materials in each module take 60-90 minutes to complete. Additional time for discussion questions and activities can be managed by your learning team.

Leadership Development Teams!

Each module has discussion questions (and sometimes activities) that you can use in person so your leaders can learn together and build deeper relationships and trust. The Facilitators monitor and respond to the discussion threads.

Module 1: The Interconnection of Systems
• UU Leadership Institute Covenant
• Being in Covenant as a Leader
• Introduction to Systems Thinking
• The Systems Thinking Approach (Daniel Aronson)
• Give Me A Lever Long Enough (Peter Senge)
• Intro to: Self-Differentiation, Homeostasis, Identified Patient, Family Emotional Field
• Triangulation
• Video Case Study: Anxiety
• More Resources on Systems Thinking

Module 2: What is Your Purpose
• Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action (Simon Sinek)
• Mission and Action
• Governance and Ministry: A Partnership (Dan Hotchkiss)
• Mission, Vision and Covenant
• Accountability to Mission
• The Missional Church…Made Simple
• The UU Missional Church (Rev. Dawn Cooley)
• Religious Community is Not Enough (Rev. Tom Schade)
• Optional Material: The Importance of Mission
• Optional Activity for Team: “Experience of the Holy”

Module 3: Leadership as a Spiritual Practice, Part 1
• Serving with Grace: Self-Discovery (Rev. Erik Walker-Wikstrom)
• Spiritual Practices for Meetings (Rev. Erik Walker-Wikstrom)

Module 4: The Congregation as an Emotional System
• Differentiation of Self (Rod Smith)
• Resistance to Change
• Homeostasis
• Five Axioms about Change
• Balancing Separateness and Closeness
• Case Study: A Nervous Condition by Ed Friedman
• Iceberg of UU Culture
• Optional Activity for Team: Learning to Value Difference

Module 5: Leading in Systems
• The Differentiated Leader
• Differentiation: Tolerating Pain
• Culture and Conflict Styles
• Creative Tension
• Modeling Generosity
• Optional Activity for Team: Video Case Study

Module 6: Leadership as a Spiritual Practice, Part 2
• Activity for Team: Serving with Grace Webinar/Workshop: (Rev. Erik Walker-Wikstrom)

Module 7: Anxiety and the Brain
• Anxiety and the Brain
• The Amygdala Hijack
• Chronic Anxiety
• Change and Anxiety
• Responding to Change
• Levels of Conflict (Speed Leas)
• Case Study: Nanny McFee
• Optional Activity for Team: Practicing Non-Anxious Presence

Module 8: You As a Centered Leader
• The Three “Uences:” Influence, Confluence, Affluence
• The Importance of Trust
• Being a Team Player
• Vulnerable Leadership
• Being a Cohesive Leadership Team
• Build a Cohesive Leadership Team (Patrick Lencioni)
• Staying Centered During Conflict (Arthur Paul Boers)
• Optional Activity for Team: Team Assessment

This training is team-taught by various UUA Congregational Life Staff, and facilitated by members of the UUA Congregational Life Staff LeaderLab design team”


(Note: The Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kūpono Kwong also helped to create this training.)

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