Religious Professionals across Unitarian Universalism, from Musicians to Clergy and Religious Educators to Administrators, will benefit from deeper understandings of our faith, our congregational systems, and the ways our relationships impact us at all levels. The UU Institute trainings invite you to encounter new learnings and to engage prior knowledge through new lenses, calling upon you to be a part of the broader learning community we all share across staff teams and our association.

Training materials are divided into modules and are available “on demand” as pre-recorded presentations with additional reading materials, discussion questions, and other resources. Staff teams may consider taking some trainings together and reflecting upon how their learning applies to their setting.

The UU Institute team monitors discussion sections in these trainings and awards a certificate upon completion.

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Ministers and Seminarians

Trainings for formation and continuing education.

Religious Educators

Trainings for credentialing, renaissance modules, OWL facilitation, Youth Advisors.

Music Ministers

Trainings for credentialing and continuing education.

Office Admins

Trainings for new skills and continuing education.

Membership Professionals

Trainings for new skills and continuing education.

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Please Note: Most trainings have a nominal fee.

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