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This online workshop was developed for Unitarian Universalist clergy, candidates, and seminarians. It explains the UUMA code of conduct on sexual relationships and the UUMA standards related to the code. The workshop helps participants understand the difference between sexual harassment and professional sexual misconduct, and provides information on handling attraction and boundaries in ministry. The workshop provides practical tools for clergy to recognize warning signs and avoid sexual misconduct. This workshop meets the MFC requirement for a sexual misconduct prevention/boundaries learning experience and the UUMA requirements for continuing education in this area.

Registration and more information
  • The workshop takes 7 to 10 hours to complete and participants work¬† at their own pace.
  • A certificate that states that the workshop was taken is provided upon completion.
  • All assignments must be completed and the quizzes passed at 90% to receive the certificate.
  • Participants may take this course again as a refresher.
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