a collection of four images, one is a gay pride march, one is a black lives matter sign on a parking lot, one is a food drive truck and one is an older black and white photo of a man in an office.
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This training prepares Coming of Age/youth group facilitators to offer a new kind of UU heritage trip: a virtual trip that does not involve Boston. The training introduces a prototype virtual trip that “transports” participants to a historical moment in Tulsa, Oklahoma which offers serious questions for UUs today.

The curriculum for the virtual trip to Tulsa is designed as a 90-minute online session (with active breaks for participants!). It can be adapted for multiple sessions, including in-person. The actual “trip” part of the trip is a Google slide presentation with embedded video clips that the facilitator screen shares (or, if in person, projects).

You must complete this training course to access the Google slides and facilitate the trip. The training is required for any facilitators who will “take” youth on this trip. Also, it is advised for Directors of Religious Education, Youth Advisors, or other religious professionals responsible for a youth program that will use this virtual trip.

  1. The “virtual visit” to Tulsa raises stories of racial violence, reckoning, and reparation. An important aim of this facilitator training is to ensure you are ready to engage youth in this exploration of racism in a Unitarian Universalist context, while supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) youth participants and actively keeping them from experiencing harm.
  2. The story of how and why this virtual heritage trip was created will help you orient yourself to a broader, potentially disruptive view of UU heritage.
  3. Curriculum design for online youth faith development is an emergent field! This training introduces the multimedia components of this curriculum and how to use them.
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