cartoon heads in a circle with a variety of shapes, colors and sizes
cartoon heads in a circle with a variety of shapes, colors and sizes
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A Class for Your Congregation's Greeting Team

Our mandate as Unitarian Universalists is to build Beloved Community in our congregations, and learning to draw our circles of welcome wider and wider is a growth opportunity for our churches. In this training you’ll have an opportunity to learn how to learn and practice to be ever more inclusive of all who enter your doors. Take it yourself or run it for your whole greeting team or congregation!

This training is designed to follow the outline of the Widening the Welcome Workshops offered by the Central East Region Staff in 2021-22. You can take your entire team through this course by going through each module in order. If you don’t have a team, you can  take this training on your own.

The main session outline is modules 2 (Part One) and 3 (Part Two). In each of these modules are sub topics. When we taught this class online module 2 was our morning session, module 3 was our afternoon session. Module 4 has additional optional conversations around welcoming families with children and the impacts of personal trauma in welcoming others. Before you lead this program you’ll want to review the modules.

Depending on the number of participants, Part One takes about 3 hours, Part Two takes about an hour and 45 minutes. Each of the two additional topics takes about 25 minutes. The leader preparation in module 1 takes at least 30 minutes.

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