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How do we interact across difference in a way that promotes diversity, inclusion and equity in our congregations that builds deep relationship and an inviting congregational culture?

Intercultural Organizational Development Consultant Beth Zemsky shares how we can use a tool called the Intercultural Development Continuum as part of faith development in our congregations.

You can use these training materials as an individual or in a classroom format.

This training is especially designed to be used by groups. Here are a few options, which can be modified as needed:

Option 1

Offer as a 6 part in-person course. Watch the videos together, then use the discussion questions. The final session would be exercises to reinforce the learning.

Option 2

Offer as a 5 part online course. Everyone watches the videos on their own, then meets via web conference to respond to the discussion questions.

Option 3

Offer as a one-day in-person workshop. Everyone watches the videos on their own, then meets in person to respond to the discussion questions and participate in the activities (alternating back and forth).

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