A multi-age group of people holding signs saying "you are loved"
A multi-age group of people holding signs saying "you are loved"
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This training is the second of two parts. 

The first, Covenant Calls Us In: The Why of Behavioral Covenant gives you background information for helping you and your congregation understand why you would wish to have a behavioral covenant.

This training, Living Into Behavioral Covenant, helps you create your behavioral covenant, communicate its importance to your congregation members, and strategize to make your covenant come alive in your congregation.

You can take this training as a team in your congregation on your own, or you can consult with your region’s member of the Safe Congregations Team to coach you through the process. We want to help your congregation be as prepared for whatever may happen, and the best way to do that is prepare in advance.

You can use the comments section to discuss the pondering questions posed in the training, or post your own wonderings. The comments are monitored by UUA staff, and we will respond as we can. Please also feel free to respond to comments from other UU congregations as they move to make their behavioral covenants work best for them.

Additionally, once you have your process in place, the next step is to make sure your team is well trained for this work. We encourage you to consider the training Tending Covenant: Training for Right Relationship Teams, here in the UU Institute that will help your team assigned with dealing with breaches in covenant.

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