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Help your board develop good decision-making processes by developing helpful board habits.

This training is also part of a 3-part webinar series offered by the Central East Region of the UUA usually scheduled to start in the late summer. It will help your board develop shared practices in communication and leadership and a shared understanding of your board in congregational governance.

In 2022, the live sessions are scheduled for August 16, September 20 and October 11 at 6:30-8 pm ET. Please register for this event at the UUA website.

Each module contains about an hour of homework before each live session (facilitated by the Rev. Renee Ruchotzke) so that we can spend our time together in conversations, both in the large group and in small groups with other board members from similarly-sized congregations.

Your board is welcome to take this training on your own, and/or to use the materials for a board retreat.

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