several hands of different ages and skin tones reaching into the center of a circle to touch each other
several hands of different ages and skin tones reaching into the center of a circle to touch each other
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This training is designed for congregational teams of 4 or more because shifts in congregational culture and practice require group effort.

PRESENTERS: New England Region UUA Staff

People of faith who long for a transformed world are called to claim their Spiritual Leadership. Our souls need it. Our congregations need it. Our world needs it. The NER staff team holds the audacious opinion that the purpose of congregations is to inspire and support people to affirm and practice their Spiritual Leadership.

Spiritual Leadership is not reserved for religious professionals or lay leaders. It is an orientation and practice by which every one of us creates, sustains, and restores Beloved Community. Community in which each person experiences belonging, equity, and well-being regardless of identity, role or rank. We need Spiritual Leadership everywhere: our homes, schools, places of work, neighborhoods, communities. As covenanted communities, congregations are perhaps especially suited to nourish and support it.

Consider taking this training if you and your congregation are looking for ways for congregational life to be:

  • less about volunteer chores and more about soulful engagement with your faith;
  • less about the worry of not having enough volunteers, money or time and more about finding energy and meaning in the gifts already present; and
  • less about the business of church and more about the transformative power of communities living their values in ways that challenge dominant culture — both within and beyond the congregation.

Hundreds of people from scores of New England congregations have taken the training in person. In their feedback, they’ve told us:

  • “Those who attended now understand their role in the congregation as a form of ministry. They are holding their leadership in a deeper way, in a way that is not task-oriented but a practice.”
  • “This is one of the most exciting things I have encountered. In it, we are claiming Unitarian Universalism as a real religion.”
  • “Spiritual leadership helps people slow down and be intentional about the work that we are doing…we are going to be a little less urgent about everything.”
  • “The program exceeded my expectations. It was the most useful program I have attended.”
  • “Can I do it again? So much to reflect on!”

For the optimum experience, form a team with others in your congregation and take it together. Go at the pace that works for your group — 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 months. Each module will take 60 to 90 minutes to complete, with an additional hour for modules 2, 4, 6 and 7 which include team activities. (You can also take it on your own if that’s your only option.)

We are grateful that through the UU Leadership Institute we can offer the training as an online experience making it accessible to more people and more congregations.

Find your team and sign up soon!

* Please review the FAQ re: group registration to learn more about getting your team registered together.

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