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Available 2024

Serving on a congregational board is an opportunity for both spiritual growth and the development of leadership skills that will serve you at work and other areas of your life!

We suggest that your whole board use this training together to develop your relationships and common language and practices for you as a team and discerning body of the congregation. We will cover:

  • Spiritual Grounding for board members with a deep understanding of covenant, personal and group spiritual practice, and group discernment.
  • Understanding Communication as Relationship, where our practices of interaction as leaders have a deep impact on the congregation as a whole.
  • Practicing Centered Leadership so that we can make our decisions out of a place of both self-awareness and an awareness of group dynamics.
  • Practicing Governance as Stewardship with accountabiltiy to the mission and vision of the congregation through clear and thoughtful policies and procedures that guide decision-making.
We will also offer case studies and other materials for your board to use at your annual retreat.
This training is organized into Modules and topics, but you can access the materials in any order (i.e. “free form”), and mark them as complete to help you keep track of your progress.

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