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Offered as a “next level” training for boards that understand their basic role in the congregation, or for Policy or Strategic boards in larger congregations, The Strategic Board offers a deeper dive into:

  • The board as fiduciary agents who have a deep commitment as stewards of the mission and vision of the congregation.
  • The board as spiritual leaders who enter deep discernment conversations with self-awareness, courage, and humility.
  • The board as strategic thinkers who understand congregations as organic systems, and understand the need for strategic planning and feedback loops.
  • The board as change agents who are savvy about how to help the congregation transform in times of change and disruption.

We will also offer case studies and other materials for your board to use at your annual retreat.

This training is organized into Modules and topics, but you can access the materials in any order (i.e. “free form”), and mark them as complete to help you keep track of your progress.


UU Board FoundationsLeaderLab Board Resources, or equivalent. 

Welcome and Overview (2:34)

Download a transcript of Strategic Board Training Introduction as a text file

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