Because this learning community is an online format, we need to be especially mindful of our tone in communicating with one another.  Showing respect, practicing healthy boundaries, seeking clarity, and avoiding judgment are all helpful practices.

As Learners, Leaders, and Professionals in This Learning Community, We Promise to:

  • be willing to learn, with the spirit of “beginner’s mind” even when we may bring some expertise
  • be willing to question our individual assumptions, knowing that different backgrounds and experiences influence our world-views
  • gently hold one another accountable to creating a community of faithful practice
  • be responsible for our own participation and spiritual growth, with integrity and enthusiasm
  • make space for everyone’s contribution and participation to build a rich learning environment
  • work with others in my own faith community to use what we learn to help further the mission of the congregation (or other covenantal community) to build a better world.