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Welcome to Covenant Calls Us In: The Why of Behavioral Covenant, Part 1. In this course, we will be providing you with the background necessary to engage in creating and/or reviewing and revising your congregation’s covenants and policies and procedures for dealing with destructive behavior. We take parts of our earlier online course and have added additional information to help you understand the nature of covenant and accountability, and the need for procedures and processes in every congregation. This course provides prerequisite information for taking Covenant Calls Us In: Living Into Behavioral Covenant, the second part (to be released in Winter 2024), in which we help you with the creation of your congregation’s policies and procedures.

Dealing with destructive behavior is some of the hardest work that a congregation has to deal with, and at the same time it’s essential to maintaining a culture that provides people with the ability to bring their whole self to the religious community. One thing to remember–you don’t have to do this work alone. Your Congregational Life Consultant will be able to journey with you as you address the issues in the congregation.

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